~ And Then There Was that ~

Sonny Hollywood Chase hosts 2 hours, delivered weekly to Radio across the U.S.
The Greatest Music from the 70's with humor and satire based on events, movies, lifestyle of the era.


And Then There Was That

Fun with Reagan / Carter Debate and more 


Graham Caddell WKSK Radio

"These shows have been super, a real breath of fresh air. With many 70s shows out there, AND THEN THERE WAS THAT delivers a top-notch, quality show that has something for everyone. In fact, the quality of the audio and production was one big reason our station chose this program. Sonny and his cast of characters really keep you entertained and laughing the entire show, and the music is just top-notch, bringing back wonderful memories we all grew up with. This is definitely a show you need to find a way to add to your current programming." 

Kevin Keith WCSN Sunny 105.7FM

"Great addition to our weekend lineup of classic hits programming. Sonny “Hollywood” Chase and his cohorts deliver great entertainment, as well as the best of the 70’s, all  in a convenient 2 hour program."


Ric Kahuna Nesbitt 1490 AM KEUN The Talk of the Cajun Prairie

"Love this morning weekend show with Sonny Hollywood Chase, and it just happens to be on my AM station every Saturday morning!" 

The Coaches Corner Show

A Coach, A play-by-play Announcer and The Sucking Bats of Paraseutical Tech.

Football.  It's not just a game.  It's a punchline.

13 Seasons available.  Not time/date sensitive.  A morning show staple.