Sound Booth and Screening Room Voice Actor in Action

the screening room ~ AVO

"Tailgaters are Born Here" 

National Television Campaign for Bojangles.  BooneOakley Advertising 2017-2018 

Ed Galloway's skills as a voice actor captured the sound and feel of football's oldest tradition in spots customized for fans across the Nation.

the sound booth ~ it's all about audio


Automotive Advertising

Why Ed Galloway Productions is the choice for hundreds of automobile dealers across the US.  Because it leaves an impression.  Because it works. 


Ed Galloway ~ The Man of A Thousand Voices

There is a reason Ed has won numerous Best Impersonator on The Radio Awards.  Take a listen


Ed Galloway ~ Narration

Whether he is narrating something for The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Nascar, or any corporate project, Ed knows exactly how to make the words come alive on any AVO


Ed Galloway ~ Radio / TV Imaging