Client Reviews ~ Audio Production

"Ed  Galloway Productions has been the single best marketing move our  dealership has made. They are attentive to our needs with rapid  turnaround time, they can change our advertising in less than a day  which gives us a huge advantage over our competition. All of this  doesn't take into account that they may be the most creative group I  have dealt with in my nearly 40 years in this business.” 

~Bill Minsker - President Buckhannon Toyota  

“I  have been doing business with Ed Galloway Productions for approximately  15 years of my 25 years in the car business. Ed and his talents are  second to none when it comes to Radio or Television Productions. The way  he works with a client and their input mixed with his creativity makes  for one of the best production companies I have ever been around. Ed and  his whole team at Ed Galloway Productions have been a true partner with  the Ford Dealership I run. I feel like he is actually on my team and  truly cares about our success every month. If you choose any other  company besides Ed Galloway Productions, you would be making a huge  mistake.” 

~David Brown – General Sales Mgr. Ford

“In  the past twenty years Ed has probably produced over 1,000 commercials  for us. Besides always having the client comes-first attitude, Ed is a  talented pleasant guy. What I love most is I just call and have a  conversation with him and a commercial is emailed to me sometimes in a  half hour. If I'm pressed for time or an idea, the man has NEVER let me  down. I consider Ed part of our creative team because he really is. I  love working with the MAN from the Carolina's because he just gets it.”  

~Timothy Malsbury -President Advertising Concepts

Mt. Kisco, NY

“Ed  Galloway is arguably one of the top character voice and audio  impersonation talents in America today. ProMedia has been using Ed’s  talents for all types of audio tracks for over 20 years. Ed has a unique versatility and is able to deliver almost any type of read effectively  and quickly. Ed also acts as his own Creative Director and copy writer,  if needed, making him a one stop shop for all your audio needs. We look forward to working with Ed and his team for years to come.” 

~Tim Cole - President - ProMedia, Inc, 

Alpharetta, GA  

“Ed  Galloway charms people when he voices my videos. His talent and vocal  quality are superb- combine that with the fact that he's just a great  guy to work with. Quick completion, fast revisions, always pleasant.” 

~Kim Brattain - President

Kim Brattain Media, Charlotte, NC,

“You  are the best! Best talent. Best creative. Best customer service. Best  pricing. You were a God send and played a major role in the success of  my business.” 

~Phil Gandy – CEO  Gandy Communities

Cornelius, NC

“My  association with Galloway Productions over the past two decades has  been nothing but complete satisfaction. My clients love him, his staff  and their professionalism. Thank you Ed for always being there when I  have needed your many superior talents.” 

~Joan Goldblatt, Rye Brook, NY

“I have used Ed’s services for many years and will use him for many more. He provides quick returns on my outrageous requests and the finished product is always perfect. Ed is a true  automotive advertising guru!” 

~Patrick J. Koballa    Executive GM

 Stevenson Automotive Group, Jacksonville, NC 

now owner:  Pat Koballa’s Coastal Kia, Wilmington, NC 

“Ed Galloway has been our imaging voice for many years and remains an integral part of KRXL’s sound. When  Ed’s voice is heard on the air, listeners know they’re on The X. Ed is a  joy to work with and provides very fast turnaround and he will continue  to be part of our on-air sound.” 

~Duncan Miller/Operations Manager - 

KRXL  Kirksville, MO

“A few years back our station decided to make a fresh change! We re-vamped our liners, segues, promos, you name it. Knowing Ed Galloway from his radio days, and his unique production skills with car dealers, we decided to give him a try. Of course budget was a top concern, but after talking with Ed and expressing our needs, he was able to come through for us. Ed Galloway delivered and gave our station the fresh, professional sound we were looking for and continues to do so today. If your station, audio project, or whatever you’re working on needs a jumpstart, call Ed Galloway. You’ll be glad you did!” 

~Graham Caddell – Operations Manager/WKSK