Ed Galloway~Voice Actor & More

Who is this Guy?

Now that's great question, because on any given day at any given time, he can be a boxer, a President, actor, newscaster, or one of the many characters that dwell inside his creative soul.  It just depends on what/who is needed.  

Ed also happens to be an Award Winning Impersonator, Voice Actor and Creative Writer who has entertained audiences as a morning show host on radio, where he developed odd and memorable cast members  that came to life each day.  

His ability to write satire and humor while capturing and maintaining the listeners' attention soon translated into freelance work as a production director and voice talent.  Then he took those skills and opened Ed Galloway Productions, a 2400 square foot recording studio where magic marketing is made.

For years he existed as a one-man shop, where agencies and clients could come for all their audio production needs.

Since then he gathered other creative people to work with him on projects that are signature EGP: Creativity driving the messaging that delivers results.

He recently extended his theatre of the mind skills to writing and recording an audio book "Incident in Mint Hill" (Amazon.com) which he is now having transcribed to become a book (yeah, we know that's not the way most people do it, but it works for him) or perhaps to pitch as a movie. 

And his alter ego "Sonny Hollywood Chase" can be heard on radio stations across the U.S. from the deep South to Chicago, and points in-between. The 2 hour weekly syndicated 70's radio show "And Then There Was That" is loaded with humor and music.  Remember those odd cast members?  Yup, you'll find them here too.  

Ed is a man who is at home behind a microphone. He believes that entertainment, used wisely, delivers a message that is not just memorable, but essential.

Ed Galloway Productions.

Creativity starts here.