"The most powerful element of advertising is truth."
~William Bernach

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Syndicated Shows

Sonny “Hollywood” Chase is Ed Galloway’s alter-ego.  Sonny Chase, or “Mr. Hollywood” as he is sometimes referred to, is a “legend” in his own mind.  Faced with sagging ratings, the little AM radio station in Mint Hill makes a bold move and hires Sonny and his cohorts to do a radio show highlighting music from the 70's and peppered with personality.   The show proceeds without a format, and struggles to find its place in the digital world of radio today. They are live, wacky, bold and vulnerable, but that’s what makes the show so unique.


Operating from the second floor of an old office building the air staff consisting of Sonny, Bernard, the Mayor, Jimmy the janitor, talk about the music and the irrelevant. This combined with the occasional celebrity phone call or visit makes for a fast moving entertaining program.   Listen closely because the show moves at lightning speed! This is radio like used to sound like, loaded with music and fun.

"And Then There Was That"
(c) 2017 Ed Galloway Productions LLC 
All characters and voices created by the imagination of Ed Galloway with occasional voice of Mary London.